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A Change Of Perspective and Content for This Blog

As the shock wears off, I am able to start seeing things a little more clearly, though, every time new information comes out and I read words that make this so vividly real I feel like it starts anew.  But, as I said before, I am feeling inspired (of all the things to be feeling especially since on Saturday night, I couldn’t see a way for things to ever feel alright again).  But, Cory was so much more than a cause of death.  It is inconsequential. 

So… since I will never see another new photo of those dimples or read one of those off the wall Cory tweets that always made my day or hear that voice sing or make some witty or cheesy comment, I will no longer be able to post those. And, the old ones still hurt.  BUT… I have had so many times throughout the last two years where in the middle of the mundane I have a Cory moment.  Something ordinary that reminds me of that precious man.  And the focus on him is already fading and many will move on after they grieve.  And that’s fine.  To each his own.  But, I am irrevocably changed by his presence and want to remember him.

This blog will now be a place where I share pics of these random Cory moments.  And, since I also plan to do things he inspired me to do, I’ll post photos of those times as well.  For instance… in 1996, I skied for the first time and the last all at once.  I swore that if I made it to the bottom of that hill in one piece, I’d never do it again.  But, I will be taking a snowboarding lesson… and that will probably be something you don’t want to miss.  And I am already seeking out ways to get involved in programs that reach out to addicted teens.  My first meeting is tomorrow.

So… I invite you on my journey.  Cory Monteith was a champion for those who couldn’t champion themselves. And, to me… that’s a class act to follow.


Cory’s interview about being a Canadian food criticism

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